Your Canadian Rockies Tour Guide Robina Parkinson from Costsaver

We’re back with another installment of our tour guide interviews! Today, we’re following Robina Parkinson, a tour director with Costsaver, as she takes lucky travellers on an incredible tour of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. If this spectacular region is on your list, get ready to learn more about what makes it so special, from a guide who really cares.

While every tour guide is a special breed, Robina’s love and passion for her home province of British Columbia shines through in every aspect of her work. From the incredible Rockies to the region’s tranquil lakes and amazing wildlife, Robina is always excited to be able to share her home with the travellers on her tours.

Since the west coast of Canada is associated with a relaxed atmosphere and laid back vibes, it’s no wonder Robina considers one of the best parts of Costsaver’s tours to be the freedom travellers experience on the road! After hearing recommendations of what there is to do, see, and taste in the area, Robina’s travellers have the freedom to do whatever they’d like with their time. This allows travellers of all varieties – those looking for complete freedom, and those who appreciate a little more guidance – to get exactly the experience they’d like.

Robina’s favourite memory in her time as a Costsaver tour director? A mid-July snowball fight – yes, you read that right! The Rockies allow for all kinds of weather, sometimes all in one day, and the best way to experience everything this region has to offer (and it offers a lot!) is on a tour. Who knows? When you plan your escape to the Rockies, maybe you’ll find Robina there to greet you.

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