Weimar’s Belvedere Palace, Weimar (Germany) – Travel Guide

Take a tour of Weimar’s Belvedere Palace in Weimar, Germany — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

The beautiful Belvedere Palace has developed into one of the major symbols of the city of Weimar, Germany.

The bright colors and sweeping, graceful lines of the palace make it an unmistakable sight.

Though this is a German palace, the design of this eighteenth-century building is in a strict French style.

Over the years, the Belvedere Palace has been changed and renovated, buildings have been added, and rooms have been restored.

Another addition to the palace grounds was a large garden park, which includes an orangery.

Visitors to Belvedere Palace will also enjoy the large art collection located here, as well as the exhibits housed within the palace walls.

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