Girlfriend Teaches Boyfriend TURKISH w/ Duolingo – ANIMAL & PLURAL Part 3

TURKISH GIRLFRIEND TEACHES BOYFRIEND HOW TO SPEAK TURKISH!! Jay has been attempting to learn Turkish in the past using various sites, one being Duolingo but with the help of Rengin we decided to sit down and practice and learn basic Turkish phrases, animals and plural in Turkish!

Jay has always said Turkish is a difficult language but learning Turkish can be a fun and challenging language to learn, and knows a few basics but struggled with pronunciation.
We thought this could be a fun series for you to join us on, and give Jay the motivation to finally speak and read Turkish fluently! Once we have covered a few basic Turkish adjectives, we’ll move onto more advanced Turkish phrases!

Let us know what you think of our new Learn Turkish with Duolingo series; and how did Jay do? 🙂


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Girlfriend Teaches Boyfriend TURKISH w/ Duolingo – ANIMAL & PLURAL Part 3
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