FlyLife Magazine – Issue 91 – Autumn 2018

In this issue:

DESTINATION SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS – Joshua Hutchins finds good trout water close to Sydney
ON THE FLATS – Peter Morse helps newcomers to read the saltwater flats
BEAUTIFUL LIES – Rick Keam studies dry fly posture in the real world
OLD COD — NEW TRICKS – Thomas Clancy tests articulated flies on New England cod
RETURN TO THE NARIEL – David Anderson heralds better fishing in North East Victoria
COCOS ENCOUNTERS – Leighton Adem visits the Cocos Keeling Islands
LINES OF CONNECTION – Jack Viney spends time in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
LITTLE PINE EXPOSED – Rob Sloane avoids the crowds at Little Pine Lagoon
TAILING TEMPTATIONS – Brett Habener outlines his triggerfish tactics
LATE SEASON RECOVERY – Sam English savours autumn in the South Island’s Mackenzie Basin
EP PERSISTENCE – Mick Fletoridis targets estuary perch on fly
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson — OFG Emerger
ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech — Light Horseman
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally — Latest gear and industry news
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Simms Headwaters Pro waders reviewed, plus new products from Vision, Scientific Anglers, Cortland, Waterworks Lamson and Orvis
POSTCARD — Andorra — Greg French
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mick Chalker, Shane Bretz, Ben Mackereth, Michael McBrien, Lindsay Bovill, Bryan Pratt
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

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