Awesome French Travel Finds

French Travel Guide.Wouldn’t it be great to have one? A real French Travel expert? Your own personal French Travel Advisor?

French Travel Guidebooks? You wouldn’t need them then.

Guidebooks on Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Cannes, Nice, the French Riviera, Mont St Michel, the Loire Chateau’s, Provence Lavender, Camargue horses etc. would be of no value.

French Travel Tipster

Well if you don’t already have a French Travel Expert you can call on – now you do. He’s the Author of this book.Christopher Strong. The “Bicycle Gourmet.”

French Travel Advice

Christopher not only lives in France, but for 15 years (and counting) he’s travelled the French Country backroads spontaneously experiencing authentic French Country Life, and sharing those experiences in his lifestyle/adventure series”Treasures of France”, his book series,”More Than a Year in Provence”, his blog, and articles in the Huffington Post and elsewhere.

French Travel Accommodation

Now, for the first time, he’s opened his personal rolodex of Exceptional French Places to Stay in every corner of “la Belle France.”Unlike other French Travel Guidebooks, French Travel Finds features the words and pictures of the owners. No Editorial fluff. Just the straight skinny from the people of all Nationalities who’ve chosen to live and share their French Country Dream. (Kinda like the Bicycle Gourmet)

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Large French Postcards

French Travel Finds images are large and in full color.( As you would expect from a guide complied by a Photographer.)And, happily, no French Travel Phrasebook or French Vocabularly Guides are needed.

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